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The Wall
is a project that makes use of a large, open-air hoarding in Central London located on the corner of Queen’s Gate and Harrington Road and comprising a space of approximately 100 metres in length. It hosts specifically commissioned artworks by some of the most relevant artists of the current artistic context. Each commission will be exhibited for about six months, allowing visitors to enjoy it during an extended period of time. Located in South Kensington, a historical neighbourhood that is inhabited and visited by a local audience and an international crowd, the Wall is an initiative that establishes a deep engagement with contemporary art in a public venue.

The Wall is freely accessible to the public and open 24 hours a day. To inaugurate its programme, the Wall will host a specifically-conceived project by London-based artist Stefan Brüggemann, opening in May 2014. The artist will present, for the first time ever, a ‘non-institutional retrospective’ of his renowned Text Pieces (1997—2014), twenty-six concise statements and declarations that present insights into the artist’s own practice, views of the world or simply ironical or tautological remarks.

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Stefan Brüggemann (Mexico City, 1975) develops a conceptual approach to art-making, which he explores with a critical and often humorous attitude, which questions his own activity and that of the generations of conceptual artists that preceded him. Brüggemann works with a wide range of media, creating large installation pieces, neon works, paintings and drawings. His work is a unique combination of theoretical concepts and popular imagery, inspired by punk ideologies and attitudes (anti-conformism, provocation, and a certain degree of cynicism), which are often expressed through contradictory or self-referential statements.

Atelier Dyakova was commissioned to create a publication for the exhibition. The catalogue in the format of a broadsheet journal, includes a text by art writers Nicolas de Oliveira and Nicola Oxley and a conversation between Stefan Brüggemann and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Special thanks goes to a talented design intern and ECAL graduate Charlotte Hauser.

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Brand Identity for Roth Bar & Grill, part of the new Hauser & Wirth gallery in Somerset.

The Roth Bar & Grill combines gastronomy with contemporary art, serving honest, simple and seasonal food. The restaurant, designed by Luis Laplace, has at its core a site-specific bar created by long-term friends of Hauser & Wirth, Björn and Oddur Roth, the
son and grandson of the late artist Dieter Roth. The chefs work closely with local farmers, gamekeepers and gardeners, to use entirely local and ethical British produce. A stone’s throw away from the Roth Bar & Grill, there are farms that produce fruit and vegetables and rear free-range livestock. The menu also includes wild birds and responsibly sourced fish that is delivered daily from the south coast shores. The kitchen team cure local
meats as well as making their own preserves, pickles, jams and chutneys. Vegetables, flowers and herbs are also grown in the garden amongst the farmland.

The letterforms of the identity mark echo the wooden beams of the Durslade Farm's roof construction.

restaurant photographs courtesy Hauser & Wirth
Special thanks goes to a talented design intern and ECAL graduate Charlotte Hauser.

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A sneak preview of the new monograph on internationally renowned
artist and writer Edmund de Waal.

Features critical and personal writings by Edmund de Waal. Includes contributions by novelists Colm Toíbín, Peter Carey and AS Byatt, critical essays by Guggenheim curator Alexandra Munroe and architect Deborah Saunt. Studio photographs by Toby Glanville.

Cloth bound, 3-d embossed cover / uncoated and pre-dyed papers, bible paper.
Published by Phaidon Press

Coming soon, watch this space ...

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