Albert Oehlen

Albert Oehlen


For his first solo exhibition at Gagosian Gallery, Albert Oehlen presented a group of aluminum-panel paintings of tree-like forms. Oehlen’s method is guided by impulse and eclecticism, speaking to the inherent unpredictability of the practice of painting, while his tools are fingers, brushes, collage and computer.

The book presents the twelve tree paintings that form the series. Each plate features on one side of a Leporello-bound book, while the essay and reference images are on the reverse. The typeface reflects Oehlen’s hybrid method which combine hand-drawn and mechanical shapes. For the slipcase, we chose a very glossy Chromolux paper whose shiny and slightly “cold” touch speaks to his use of Dibond material in lieu of canvas. Attention to detail in the material, the binding and the typography makes for an intriguing object while the minimal layout allows the paintings to stand out.

Publisher: Gagosian
Contributor: Ann Goldstein