Published on the occasion of Balthus at Gagosian Paris, the book features paintings, drawings, and photographs made throughout the painter’s career. Balthus cultivated a self-taught classicism as a framework for more enigmatic artistic investigations, working independently of avant-garde movements such as Surrealism whilst embracing the rigorous technique of the early Renaissance. His narrative scenes of interior portraits, street scenes, and landscapes depict the physical and psychic struggles of adolescence.

The design is intentionally quiet to allow the work to take precedence. Materials are humble, with text pages on a soft, uncoated material similar to pencil drawing paper. The choice of typeface is unpretentious but robust. The cover design takes a more radical approach. No image is featured on the cover; instead, it is inspired by rich dark colours taken from his paintings.

Publisher: Gagosian
Contributors: Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, Olivier Zahm