Lara Morley is a London-based independent baker. She has become a regular fixture at various markets across the city for a good reason. Each cake is made from the finest and freshest ingredients — organic milk, British sugar and fair-trade cocoa. Lara started her bakery by delivering delicious hand-made cakes on her bike across London.

Cakehole’s rustic and comforting approach honours traditional and homely British baking. It was important that the identity reflects its authentic and friendly character. For the logo, we drew influence from early British railway ephemera and road signs. The typeface, Old Road Sign was designed by Tom Sutch before the Worboys Report introduced the current road sign designs and lettering in 1964.

Cakehole brings people together through cake, and we wanted the website to communicate this celebratory spirit. We commissioned Rebecca Clarke to create a series of animated illustrations. The studio also produced and art-directed photography for the website. The identity design included labels and cake boxes, and an apron.

Illustrations: Rebecca Clarke
Photography: Ed Park
Web development: Benedict de Silva