Chris Ofili: The Seven Deadly Sins

Chris Ofili: The Seven Deadly Sins


‘Full of giddying detail and unfathomable mystery, these large, luxurious and deeply complex paintings are among the most beguiling works the artist has ever made. Cloven-hoofed, carnal and knowing, the devil is prominent in all seven of Chris Ofili’s suite of large-scale and deeply complex paintings, The Seven Deadly Sins. As much pagan fertility god as father of lies and temptation, the devil, half-hidden in the undergrowth, lounging in plain sight, or just smelling the flowers, he — and perhaps sometimes she — is everywhere. Sometimes, we just catch a glint of those pearlescent horns, the swish of a snaking tail, which makes its serpentine way through a sensual world of natural abundance and luxuriant growth.’

— Adrian Searle, The Guardian

This book documents the exhibition Chris Ofili: The Seven Deadly Sins at the Victoria Miro gallery, London. Chris Ofili invited seven writers to contribute new writing. Like Ofili’s paintings, their poems and narratives are not confined to illustrating single sins but meditate, personally and expansively, on sinfulness.

Hilton Als, Inua Ellams, Marlon James, Anthony Joseph, Ayanna Lloyd Banwo, Attillah Springer, and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye


Victoria Miro, London