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Creamier brought together 100 of the most exciting contemporary artists emerging in the 2010s who were selected by ten prominent international curators. Being the fourth in the Cream series, Creamier was concieved to be radically different from its predecessors despite being built around the same editorial concept.

Announcing 100 new artists is a bit like making news. This idea encouraged us to abandon the traditional hard cover format and transform Creamier into a large-format newspaper. Inspired by the Financial Times, 300 pink unbound pages come packaged in a bespoke portfolio. The large headlines, structure of the layout and choice of typeface all go back to the world of newspapers. In this publication, words are inseparable from graphics; they play a powerful role, making the contents inviting and engaging.

Awarded Grand Prize by the Tokyo Type Directors Club (TDC) in 2011.

Publisher: Phaidon
Contributors: Elena Filipovic, Douglas Fogle, Yukie Kamiya, Ines Katzenstein, Chus Martinezis, Kitty Scott, Debra Singer, Adam Szymczyk, Catherine Wood, Tirdad Zolghadr