Database, Network, Interface

Database, Network, Interface


We created a graphic campaign for the exhibition Database, Network, Interface at Archizoom. In an age characterised by the increasing dematerialisation of cultural production and transmission, the exhibition explored architecture’s historical role in representing and organising information and knowledge.

The outcome was a series of three posters that were displayed on the streets of Lausanne. The show featured a series of totems in intriguing structures. Inspired by these, we drew their silhouettes into compelling graphic shapes and combined them with contrasting colours. This graphic system was then animated for the digital campaign. The typeface in use is an unexpected choice for the theme of information and architecture. Its design was influenced by two calligraphic tools and juxtaposes a strict geometry with humanist shapes.

Exhibition curated by Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli at Archizoom.