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David Lynch Nudes

David Lynch Nudes


‘As with everything to which Lynch turns his hands, a distinct poeticism is at play — one which endlessly beguiles and intrigues.’
Another Magazine

Nudes features more than 100 photographs by the filmmaker, photographer, painter and designer David Lynch. The series of erotically charged colour and black-and-white images provide a kaleidoscopic vision of the female body.

The design alludes to the raw and honest, yet mysterious nature of this intimate series. We chose to dress the cover in a film jacket that reveals the first close-up photograph printed across the hardback, thus acting as a slow entrance into the series. The large format and close-up details create an immersive journey which emphasises the complexity and depth of Lynch’s approach. The absence of text creates a sense of silence and contemplation in the book.

A few years later, David Lynch followed up with Digital Nudes, also designed by Atelier Dyakova, and published by Fondation Cartier.