Guillermo Kuitca

Guillermo Kuitca


Guillermo Kuitca is a contemporary Argentine artist best known for his paintings of geographical maps and architectural plans. Although Kuitca’s works are not overtly political, their theatrical nature references themes of loss and migration. “What I believe makes painting so interesting, and such a battleground is the mere fact that it has been declared dead,” he has explained. “I cannot see another medium in which one can explore with such incredible freedom.”

For this publication, Atelier Dyakova has designed a bespoke display typeface. Angular, geometric strokes found in Kuitca’s works were an inspiration for the design of the typography. Often, due to the scale of the works, such as the mural in Durslade Farmhouse, Kuitca uses scaffolding, which also fed into the vision for the typeface. The book’s cover is lined with fine cloth of a red ochre hue, inspired by the artist’s paintings.

Publisher: Snoeck / Hauser & Wirth Publishers
Author: Michael C. Fitzgerald