Hernan Bas: The Conceptualists

Hernan Bas: The Conceptualists


The Conceptualists is a series of paintings by the artist Hernan Bas depicting protagonists engaging in various obsessive pursuits that, deemed strange under everyday circumstances, might be rationalised or even championed when considered as ‘conceptual art’. For the catalogue, the artist collaborated with the writer Linda Yablonsky, who crafted a series of stories around each Conceptualist.

We were inspired by Bas’s works, loaded with eroticism, decadence and humour, and designed a publication extending these ideas. To access the book, the reader has to unwrap the glassine protecting the book in a tactile and slightly voyeuristic experience. The single signature is hole sewn with pink tape as reinforcement and alternates Bas’s paintings with Yablonsky’s stories. The result is an intimate browsing experience which replicates the portraits.

Collaborators: Linda Yablonsky