Knoll House

Knoll House


Situated along the Erie Canal in New York, the Knoll is the residence of Jennifer Butler, the author of the extraordinary James Jennifer Georgina.

In 2019, Jennifer commissioned us to create the identity and printed stationery for the Knoll. The design draws inspiration from both the rich heritage of the house and Butler’s symbolic work. Previously owned by wood importers who would ship through the canal, the residence’s front door features an ironwork of a sailing ship with a lantern on its mast. Jennifer’s tarot card, The Hermit, also carries a lantern. The Hermit Tarot card indicates soul searching, self-reflection and spiritual enlightenment. Thus, it became a symbol of our design identity.

For the stationery paper, we turned to Mohawk Mill. Based in Little Falls, New York, the mill is surrounded by waterways of the Erie Canal, which connects it back to the house.  The selected paper is a premium sheet made using 100% cotton. The typographic lines on the stationery meander left and right, echoing the motion of water.