Kudzanai-Violet Hwami

Kudzanai-Violet Hwami


Kudzanai-Violet Hwami ’s work draws on her experiences of geographical dislocation and displacement. Her paintings combine visual fragments from a myriad of sources, such as online images and personal photographs. Many of her paintings feature self-portraits and images of her immediate and extended family. Powerful nudes boldly raise questions about the black body and its representation, as well as sexuality, gender and spirituality.

We collaborated closely with Hwami, and after a studio visit, we were inspired by the image layering experiments she conducts before producing a painting. Using photography and digitally collaged images to create a composition, she then often incorporates other media and techniques, such as silkscreen, pastel or charcoal. We wanted to design a publication that reflected her process. Exposed binding not only allowed the book to open flat, but also enabled us to include several of the artist’s sketches and work-in-progress, which we silk screened on the double cover and the book’s opening pages. Personal photographs were loosely inserted at random between the pages, echoing her process further. The result is a visually strong book whose concept closely aligns with the artist’s practice.

Publisher: Victoria Miro and Kunsthaus Pasquart