Do Not Carry Your
Flag Too Low

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Matrix, Do Not Carry Your Flag Too Low

Matrix, Do Not Carry Your Flag Too Low


The exhibition ‘Do Not Carry Your Flag Too Low’ at Archizoom presented the works of the Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, a radical 1980s architecture collective of women interrogating the inclusiveness of our buildings and public spaces. Concerned with the way buildings and cities work for everyone, they specialised in working with people, groups and organisations who have traditionally been excluded from the design process. The archival material presented reflects their dyi inclusive and collaborative methods. 

Going through the Matrix archive, it became clear that its rich visual material should be the starting point to highlight the collective’s core beliefs and actions. Taking a powerful, image-led approach, the poster features large images of working women found in the archive. The typeface is Alpina Typewriter by Grilli Type. 

Curated by Tiago P. Borges, Teresa Cheung, Silvia Groaz and the collectives la-clique and Trojans at Archizoom
Exhibition design: la-clique, Trojans Collective