Pablo Picasso, Maya in her hair a cloth doll, 1943

Picasso & Maya

Picasso & Maya


More than an exhibition catalogue, this reference publication explores the figure of Maya Ruiz-Picasso, Pablo Picasso’s eldest daughter, throughout the artist’s work and chronicles the relationship between the duo. The volume features an interview between Ruiz-Picasso and Diana Widmaier-Picasso, along with archival photographs by Edward Quinn and from the Picasso family, many of which have never been published.

Reminiscent of an artist’s raw canvas, the cover cloth is sturdy and unpretentious. The publication is both academic — containing in-depth discussions of artworks alongside extensive references — and personal, with Maya evoking memories of her father. The soft colours and textures of the materials were chosen to evoke these tender recollections and contrast with the titling typeface, which is bold and monumental, like Picasso’s larger-than-life character.

Collaborators: Elizabeth Cowling, Carmen Giménez, Pepe Karmel
Archival images by Edward Quinn