Portrait of an Artist

Portrait of an Artist


Portrait of an Artist brings together photographs and interviews of pioneering women who have shaped the creative industries. Led by Mexican artist Hugo Huerta Marin, the conversations are inspired and honest between joys and challenges, vulnerability and triumphs. 

We wanted the book to be elegant and intimate, but also bold and smart; a celebration of strong, creative women. Because the publication is text-focused, it was important for the design to be reader-friendly. The typography is impactful yet playful, with interviews broken up by occasional images and pull quotes. We typeset the interviews in Plantin to bring legibility and warmth. Each interview is introduced by an opening spread featuring the artist’s first name — creating an intimate feeling — to give it presence and confidence, alongside a delicate polaroid portrait by Huerta Marin. The images were reproduced at real size to give a sense of proximity.

Publisher: Prestel