Sarah Sze: De nuit en jour

Sarah Sze: De nuit en jour


For her second solo show at Foundation Cartier, American artist Sarah Sze presented two specially commissioned large-scale installations. These explored how the proliferation of images (from magazines, the Web, or even intercepted from outer space) changes our relation to physical objects, memories, and time.

Building on the artist’s themes, we conceived a publication exploring the notion of the found image. The cover has a slip pocket containing one of a series of images excepted from the artist’s installation, resulting in a multitude of possible covers. The text layout echoes scientific data reports and uses blue ink, which recalls cyanotypes, blueprints, and alchemical darkroom processes, reflecting Sze’s intertwining of digital and analogue methodologies.

Publisher: Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris
Contributors: Bruno Latour, Leanne Sacramone, Jean Nouvel