OGR Torino

Sarah Sze Metronome

Sarah Sze Metronome


Sarah Sze’s latest site-specific installation, “Metronome” is celebrated and documented in this publication commissioned by Artangel, ARoS, and OGR Torino with the support of Victoria Miro Gallery. The installation was first presented in a Victorian waiting room at Peckham Rye Station in London in 2023.

The installation challenges the static nature of sculpture and explores the issue of image saturation in our contemporary world. The publication delves into Sze’s artistic poetics and unique perspective on time and space.

The design features a utilitarian greyboard cover juxtaposed against a reflective, colour-shifting foil, creating a striking contrast. Typography employs a spectrum effect, mirroring the dynamic and digital essence of the artist’s work. The arrangement of lettering evokes a magnetic field, hinting at the globe shape within the installation. Inside, the pages adopt a traditional photography book format, showcasing imagery derived from video stills and the installation itself.

Contributors: James Lingwood, Barbara Casavecchia, Samuele Piazza, Katrine K. Pedersen