Seeing Things

Seeing Things


Aimed at children between 9 and 12, Seeing Things is an introduction to photography that asks how photographers transform ordinary things into meaningful moments. In this book, photographer Joel Meyerowitz takes readers on a journey through the power and magic of photography: its ability to freeze time, tell a story, combine several layers into one frame, and record life’s fleeting and beautiful moments.

The book features the work of masters such as William Eggleston, Mary Ellen Mark, Helen Levitt, and Walker Evans, among many others. Each picture is accompanied by a short commentary, encouraging readers to look closely and use their imagination to understand key ideas in photography such as light, gesture, and composition.

To engage younger readers, we moved away from a traditional text block, breaking the text into smaller digestible portions. In addition, we created movement using indentations, allowing a flowing white space within the pages. Keywords and phrases are highlighted by altering the scale.
The cover, endpaper and title page feature a series of die cuts to create an eye. When the book is opened, the book becomes a playful face.

Publisher: Aperture
Edited by Denise Wolff