Sometimes Doing Nothing Leads to Something

Sometimes Doing Nothing Leads to Something


Conceptualised during the various lockdowns that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Sometimes Doing Nothing Leads to Something’ was an exhibition at Archizoom which explored a simple question: what if a moment of ‘nothing’ or apparent ‘void’ could prompt a creative potential? The programme of talks, exhibition, screenings and workshops aimed to unfold the principle of ‘doing nothing’ against different creative perspectives and challenge its nature.

We created the visual campaign with expressive doodles exploring the idea of a nothing leading to something. The sketches evoke the creative freedom that might come during an apparent ‘void’. The typographic treatment plays on words and echoes abstract poetry. The type and graphic lines were then animated like freehand scribbles for the digital campaign.

Curated by Tiago P. Borges, Teresa Cheung and Silvia Groaz at Archizoom