Eyes Open

Eyes Open


Eyes open is an invitation to explore the world through photography. Compiled by Magnum photographer Susan Meiselas, it is a sourcebook of photography ideas for kids. Twenty-three enticing projects act as prompts to inspire a process of discovery and storytelling. Eyes Open features photographs by young people from around the globe and work by professional artists that demonstrates how a simple idea can be expanded.

We commissioned the illustrator Zac Fay, whose fun and friendly figures adorn the cover. The creative challenge was to unify the content, which was kaleidoscopic. The solution was to use an oversized type — Mabry by Colophon Foundry — to harmonise the various projects. The layout resonates with manuals and textbooks, while remaining fairly stripped-down to put the content first. Plenty of white space allows the images and text to come together, and the large numerals act as a signalling system to enable navigation within the book.

Publisher: Aperture
Author: Susan Meiselas
Illustration: Zac Fay