Atelier was commissioned to work on the campaign for the ‘Sympoïétique — Arts of practice in the ecological city’ exhibition presented at Archizoom, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. Designed to fit within the visual identity of Archizoom, we created digital and printed marketing tools. Animated type, concrete poetry and joyful colours created an optimistic atmosphere aimed at connecting with students and lecturers alike.

Ecological culture is becoming increasingly prominent in the design of the city today. The transformations our societies and environments are going through jeopardise our way of being in the world. They challenge our capacity to produce future visions and anchor tangible ambitions. This context encourages us to imagine new ways of acting that enable us to integrate uncertainty. We must go beyond fear and invent actions capable of fitting into the climate regime that is taking shape. Moving from a system of autonomous objects to one of the related objects opens up new perspectives on interactions, forms and processes. The exhibition shows how ecological culture can colour, inform and renew project culture.

Curated by UR, bureau d’architecture et d’urbanisme, Gaetan Brunet, Chloé Valadié

Architectural model images courtesy of Archizoom
Curator portrait © Antoine Espinasseau
Poster images © Virgile Thevoz