The Earth
With Her Crowns

The Wapping Project — Packaging

The Earth With Her Crowns

The Earth With Her Crowns


The Earth With Her Crowns is an album by the composer and performer, Laura Cannell which was commissioned by The Wapping Project. The set of ten tracks was improvised and recorded in single takes in Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. It is the final project in response to the iconic building that defined The Wapping Project’s commissioning for over two decades.

Our design responded to the music and to a text shared by the artist, which described the power station as a “Waters Deep Cathedral” in which “winter light [cascades] upon exposed bricks and marked concrete.” The rough ochre material acts as a reminder of the rust and bricks evoked by Cannell. The typeface echoes the industrial structure of the building, its colour referencing the patina of the power engines and the green traditional British tiles inside the station.