Thomas Ruff: Nature Morte

Thomas Ruff: Nature Morte


The publication Nature Morte was published on the occasion of Thomas Ruff’s eponymous show at Gagosian, London. A leading figure of German artists, Ruff pushes the photography medium’s limits by harnessing old and new technologies. The book features a series of photograms with an essay by Philip Gefter. Ruff uses plants as his subject to capture nature with a sculptural dimensionality.

We wanted to create an intimate and precious object. The book is designed using French fold, with each photogram on the right page. The titles are centred on the opposite page in dialogue with the work. Silver ink is used throughout the book, tuning into the colour planes of the works and the chemical process of Ruff’s image-making process. For the cover, we chose a deep blue that echoes the varying blues of the photograms. The embossed dust jacket reveals the sculptural silhouette of one of his subjects, like an impression.

Publisher: Gagosian
Contributors: Philip Gefter