Victor Man

Victor Man


This monograph presents the paintings of Victor Man (b. 1974, Cluj, Romania) on the occasion of an exhibition of the artist’s work at Galerie Neu in Berlin. Man creates paintings that are ripe with memories, metaphors, and contradictions. He often uses dark palette, inspired by the work of Quattrocento painters, including il Sassetta (ca.1392–1450) and 18th-century landscape painters who used black mirrors to turn colours into dark key tones.

Referencing the dark and atmospheric paint’s tones, we chose a dark green cloth with a complex surface. Furthering our research about Man’s inspirations, we explored Byzantine icons and noticed their unusual type placement. Letters are placed in the corners of the painting, anchoring the composition; this influenced the layout of the essay titles.

Two paper stocks create distinct atmospheres: a textured sheet was chosen for texts to reference classical books from a few centuries ago while adding a soft and sensual touch to the publication, and a matt art paper ensured the quality of the reproductions.

Publisher: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König and Galerie Neu, Berlin
Contributors: Rachel Corbett, Enzo Cucchi, Erwin Kessler, Karl Holmqvist